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Maestro´s on the Beach: A full sensory experience
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Maestro´s on the Beach: A full sensory experience

Maestro´s is definitely my favorite eatery. Casual atmosphere, mouth – watering flavors, and the best possible sight: Table Mountain, Cape Town´s iconic flat-topped attraction. A balm for the soul! This Insta – friendly venue, situated on the beachfront, is a popular destination for holidaymakers or local sunset – lovers. The menu is packed with a wide range of options that go from savory and tasty seafood to delicious crunchy pizzas. This laid back little haven is also the perfect spot to pick up a drink while facing the sea.

Building memories

I fell for Maestros the moment I stepped into it for the first time. Nearly a year ago, and only a few days after landing in the Mother City, Fabricio and Marion took me to this mesmerizing eatery. There´s no denying that there are a few experiences more relaxing than catching up with good friends over a drink. Certainly, a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life!

Superb fresh food & culture fusion

Food can be subjective, but Maestro´s ´ seafood is difficult to resist. Served with slices of lemon on a bed of ice, the West Coast Oysters are what floats my boat. Such a spoil! The menu of this traditional South African restaurant is peppered with a Mediterranean twist, influenced by the Portuguese community the country is home to. The Italian cuisine is also represented in the carte.

A cultural melting pot! From steaks to espetadas or pasta, Maestro´s won´t let anyone down.

It´s no surprise that the venue is always packed with returning customers. Apart from the majestic Table Mountain, declared Unesco World Heritage Site in the year 2000, Robben Island can also be spotted from the restaurant´s large terrace. Its magnificent views raise the eating experience to the next level.

A wallet – friendly, classy outing

Renowned for its excellent and inexpensive food, Maestro´s´ great variety of local wines and beers is not to be overlooked. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinotage are only some of the featured varieties. When I´m not in the mood for wine, I go for a craft golden – ale.

As a videographer, I like to capture the magical Capetownian skies. Only those who have been here can understand the charm I am speaking about. Whenever I visit the venue, I place my camera on a strategic position and let Nature do the rest. The resulting time – lapses are nothing but amazing!

The classical South African cider is, undoubtedly, a must among the evening sundowners. The eatery´s cocktail menu is also difficult to beat. From Piña Coladas to Caipirinhas, there is a beverage for every type of client. Summer is the best season to take a dip in the beach before or after checking in, since the restaurant is perfectly situated by the Atlantic Ocean. The water, however, is freezing.

Healthy slow food

Maestro´s´ service is not famous for its effectiveness, but hey, This is Africa. There is no room for stress in Cape Town! The staff is friendly, and the employees always check on the clients, like in any other country where tipping is part of the culture. Salaries are generally very low in South Africa, so it´s important to round up the bill. In any case, it´s worth the wait!

The cherry on top

I´m definitely a coffee addict (the struggle is real), so I sometimes just pop in to get my much – needed caffeine fix while I enjoy the breathtaking view. Cape Town can get cold and windy, but the winter issues are easily addressed at Maestro´s: chocolate mousse, brownie and carrot cake!

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