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The Chateau
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The Chateau

For as long as I can remember, my family and I have been going to The Chateau restaurant to celebrate our birthday’s. The Chateau is a family Italian chain restaurant located in Burlington, Andover, Waltham and couple of other locations.

I immediately feel at home whenever I enter through the doors. The delicious smells, the friendly atmosphere, and just being together with my family is what makes it a happy experience to forever treasure the food and memories.

The instant I see the glowing neon sign on the road, My heart bounces all around hardly able to contain myself. I have practically grown up eating at The Chateau. In a way I have. I’ve celebrated almost all my of birthday here. Including my family. I can even remember which table we sat at for which occasion. It’s like watching ghosts. I can recall the fun times I had with the members of my family who have passed on.

Going out to eat is one of the best times to spend with family. You don’t have to cook, for one thing. I wish I could remember the first experience I had going to the Chateau. I wouldn’t give up any of the memories for anything.

The Chateau has an extensive menu so it’s tough to choose. They’ll give you just the right amount unlike how some restaurants tend to overfill your plate.

Want to know what you should get on the menu if you ever make a trip to The Chateau? I fell in love with their cheese pizza topped with bacon. I have had pizza topped with bacon before but The Chateau makes it even tastier!

The cheese is melted goodness. One bite of the pizza and your tastebuds are flying in heaven. I have eaten four slices! The crust is so crispy. And the bacon is the best part!

Sometimes the bacon cheese pizza is the only thing I order from the menu because it’s so tasty. I have ordered steak tips with mashed potatoes, a roasted chicken, and even breaded chicken. Their chicken is so crispy and it’s cooked at the right temperature.

I remember at one point I ordered the steak tips over getting pizza for a while. Yes, you will fall in love with the Chateau’s steak tips. And even the mashed potatoes, too. Their food is cooked to the right temperature. I’m even sad if I can’t finish the whole meal.

And then if you’re in the mood for a dessert take a look at the menu. Even if you’re full you can always find room for a delicious dessert. I always get the brownie sundae, especially on my birthday. Be careful, your heart may stop beating for a moment when you see the vanilla ice cream topped on a warm melted brownie. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce my family and me finish it up in under a minute.

And get this! You can even order to go! Yeah, pick up that food and listen to your stomach rumble with the delicious smells in your car. Get whatever you want on the menu the first time you visit The Chateau.

In the passing year, our trips to the Chateau have lessened, but I don’t want to ever stop going there. The Chateau is where I grew up and where my family and I like to spend time with each other. Especially birthday’s. I will forever treasure The Chateau for all the memories, the delectable food, and making me feel at home.

I recommend the Chateau restaurant if anyone has not eaten there yet. It’s an experience that you should take advantage of. I will keep going to the Chateau for more tasty adventures with my family.

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Marielle Sabbag is an avid creative writer. She graduated from Endicott College with a degree in creative writing. Writing and drawing has been a passion since a young age and she hopes to publish her stories into the world. She also loves to spend time with her family going out to eat or seeing movies.

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