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Granny Mouse Country House
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Granny Mouse Country House

If I were to think about the best things about my home, smell, warmth, and family come to mind. Good food is definite which is probably why you would very easily find me at some of the best foodie spots out here on the Midlands Meander. But if I had to single out some of my favorite spots, family comes to mind, and thus Granny Mouse Country House will be my best bet.

Before you start your journey at Granny Mouse Country House, you need to
appreciate your surroundings as you are nestled in the heart of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, South Africa. As you look around, you can’t help but ponder the picturesque beauty as you are situated at the foot of the World Heritage UKhahlamba – Drakensberg Mountains.

Here, at this quaint old English style little place that encapsulates all that the Midlands community is all about, hearty food and family connection, you embark through the bold wooden doors into a series of narrow passages. Mouse tunnels.

Remember to take note of the brightly coloured chairs tucked into the pockets of the building. The beautiful oil paintings of roses and landscapes hung up on the walls – it might come in handy as you scurry your way through the tunnels, nooks, and crannies, following your ever-friendly host or hostess. Here though, up, down, left, right, and left again, you will find the tight and narrow passage opening up into a spectacular dining area of this 4-star Bistro, boasting with a unique look and feel of old-world charm and texture combined with modern chic country ambiance and comforts.

As you take your seat, you are welcomed with a friendly smile, a seasonal inspired menu and with a thorough descriptive list of wine pairing and nodes to experience on your tongue and in smell. If I may allude to you, choose the dark and dry Red as you await the favorite of a contrast-filled, tender and crisp, option of roast pork belly.

The richness of the Granny Mouse pork belly is quite fitting within this home felt environment as the crackling of African hardwood burning in the distance adds to a romantic atmosphere. At this moment, you can’t help but whisper a chuckle at the sound of a much louder crisp, snap and crunch on your plate as you make your way to the succulent and tender meat. With this, you have the complimenting seasonal vegetables. These are often golden potatoes with rosemary, coarse salt and pepper and sweetened butternut enhanced by flavors of the east dancing with your taste buds, the well-known cinnamon you have experienced before and the new addition of nutmeg, all roasted to absolute delightful perfection.

In the air, a sensational aroma of oak, cinnamon, and aniseed drift towards you on the steam of your warm dinner, you sip from your Red to cleanse your palette as a convincing smile curl on your lips, for you have found bliss. And if I may, I suggest this to be the time where you take a breath, close your eyes and enjoy a moment in the now. The good life. Here in the heart of the Midlands. This is what Granny Mouse is all about. The good life.

It truly is a rare find when you are able to combine dining experience with the true and quirky beautiful character of a place. When you are able to feel at home, come as you are feeling, but still want to dress up for this beautiful setting. When you can enjoy good food, taste new things, pair wine and still play hide and seek as you leave this place I call home.

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Leani Sanders
Kwa-Zulu Natal, Midlands, South Africa

- May 14, 2019 - 1177 Views

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