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Amadeo, a place for ribs in Brussels
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Amadeo, a place for ribs in Brussels

Near the magnificent square of St Catherine in Brussels, stands a restaurant that I consider to be one of my favourite—if not my favourite—restaurants of all times. Central to the beautiful and bustling city of Brussels, yet without being on a noisy street, it is placed amidst a couple of other bars and cafés. It’s entrance doors, made of dark wood and glass panes, are often left open, offering a glimpse into its cosy interior, but without drawing any particular attention to the restaurant, which the unknowing eye may not even stop to see. By the door, an almost life-size cow stands, under an ancient looking chandelier, just beside the red neon sign which reads ‘Amadeo’ in cursive letters.

The reason I love this particular restaurant is not only for the delicious food they serve—which I will get to! —but also for the romantic yet cozy atmosphere, the place has. When you step in the restaurant, the decor strikes you straight away as it is very different from a place with simple white walls. Its walls are high and lined from top to bottom with old books.

The books are all real, and whilst no one takes them on and off their shelves, they are such a special element of the restaurant’s decor. The front room is large and is usually where couples or parties of four sills be sat. Bigger groups are often directed to the back part of the restaurant, also lined with books from floor to ceiling.

Another aspect of the restaurant that I love is the red and white checked tablecloths spread out across all tables. They add to the whole homely and cozy vibe of the place, as does the fact that the restaurant is quite dimly lit. It is not dark, but little natural light penetrates through the front door, leaving it to the chandeliers to give it a glowing and warm aura. In other words, it is a perfect place for a date, thanks to its unique, warm and homely feeling, although when you hear what food they serve, you will probably want to bring all your friends too!

This place is a place for meat lovers, and although they do have a menu with several options, most people only go there for one thing: the caramel slow roasted ribs. The ribs are truly amazing and will be served to you with a big jacket potato on which is spread a melted, buttery, sweet curry-tasting sauce, which no one really knows the ingredients of! The ribs are really the highlight as they are made from high quality meat, cooked and then glazed marvelously. The most amazing thing however is that for just under €20, you get as many refills of everything on the plate. Waiters walk swiftly between tables with large trays of caramel ribs, adding to the plates of whoever wants more. Needless to say, I always get at least one extra rack of ribs as I enjoy their sweet and meaty taste more than I can explain. Some friends of mine are crazy for the potato and its mystery sauce and will also get several of those! The staff is always polite and ready to help, ready to bring on the next rack of scrumptious ribs upon seeing an empty plate.

To conclude, Amadeo is a place that I love to bring anyone who is visiting Brussels, as it never disappoints, and I know that when I go there I will always be served a high-quality meal in a unique setting. On top of that, its central location makes it ideal to reach after a day of shopping in town, or to use as a starting point for a fun night out sampling the many Belgian beers afterward!

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