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Zest Cafe
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Zest Cafe

Zest Cafe is definitely the best Vegan restaurant in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Even if you are not Vegan you must try it, it would be a visual and culinary experience. There are at least 3 reasons you should check it out besides the food:

  1. Location: As it is located on a small hill, you have amazing views of Ubud rice paddies and the surrounding jungle.
  2. Ambience, atmosphere and vibe: it is the best place to chill while you eat. They have those super comfy couches in a decor that mixes the old Balinese traditional architecture and modern art. You can also feel the nature vibe inside, there are plants everywhere and even a tree in the middle of the restaurant. A really cozy environment.
  3. Staff: They have the most lovely and friendly staff I’ve ever seen in one year of travelling the world. They are always looking out for you, especially if you need more water (which is free). Definitely an excellent service.

Zest Cafe is actually a restaurant which is good for any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a cafe. Whenever you go, please save space for dessert. They are the best part!

My favorite breakfast meal there is this ‘Green Machine Smoothie Bowl’. Made of moringa and pineapple base with fresh banana, papaya, spirulina granola, shaved coconut, mint and toasted Java almonds. I just love this smoothie bowl because it is the best way to get a healthy and tasty meal at the same time.

Having moringa and spirulina – two natural green supplements that are really good for your health because they have antioxidant and inflammation-fighting properties – makes the difference.

The combination of the smoothie with fruits and the crunchy granola is the best. I can guarantee that you’ll be pretty full after this huge bowl. All of that for US$6.00

Green Smoothie Bowl

My favorite lunch/dinner meal is the ‘Ah Miso Horny’ flatbread. Made of tapioca flour – crushed pulp of the cassava root – mixed with fresh moringa filled up with katuk leaf, coriander, miso, ‘notzarella cheeze‘ (cheese made from cashew nut), creamy mushrooms and a side of cucumber salad. This is definitely my favorite on the whole menu because they were able to mix my favorite foods. I’m a bread lover, but I’m allergic to gluten and tapioca is gluten-free. As a Vegan my favorite source of protein is mushrooms and one of the things I miss the most is cheese and their ‘notzarella cheeze‘ is ten times better than the normal cheese you usually have it. Most delicious dishes that I have ever tried there. Also US$6.00.

Ah Miso Horny

If you are looking for a delicious starter you should try the ‘Creamy Cauliflower’. Sounds a little bit boring right? But believe me, it is not! Zest specialty is turning simple food into delicious food and this is exactly what they did with this cauliflower. I love creamy foods, but I also love if there is something crunchy too. This cauliflower is made with cashew nut cream combined with toasted Java almonds, so I have my two favorite textures of food in only one dish. It costs US$3.00 and the portion is really small. I could definitely eat the whole portion only by myself.

Creamy Cauliflower

As a chocolate lover, my favorite dessert at Zest is definitely the ‘Brownie in a Glass’. This flourless brownie is layered with pumpkin cacao mousse, coconut cream, papaya and passionfruit jam. Do I need to say anything else? Again the most striking combination to be served with a brownie and not just a boring vanilla ice cream. The price of this dessert is US$5.00. I could also eat by myself, only because I’m a chocolate brownie lover, but you can definitely share it.

Brownie in a Glass

What I love the most about Zest – besides the restaurant vibe – is that they do this surprising delicious combination of ingredients that turns simple food into amazingly tasty dishes. Like mixing moringa with tapioca flour?! Doing a pumpkin cacao mousse?! I’m pretty sure you would never think about mixing those ingredients. So Zest Cafe is definitely a must go restaurant while you stay in Ubud.

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